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About this site

As some of you may have noticed, the old site has been scraped back in 2009. It was once a wiki that allowed free editing of anything, but it turned out that only a handful of people really used it.

Since then I’ve been using a minimalistic document system to organize personal stuff: random thoughts, reminders to myself, work in progress, etc. I actually quite like it, and want to develop this idea further.

The idea is fairly simple: the web-age human computer interface is just a digital notebook, where one continuously writes, reads, and cross-links, and on top of which, one shares such efforts with others.

That is it.

Coming back to this site, I’d like to maintain an invited authorship, i.e., be more like a Blog than a Wiki. Part of the reason that the old site got little use was because it had no purpose. A Wiki is loosely structured, and hence it needs a purpose to keep going.

While I’m working towards reviving this site, I’m building a site tool for the web-age human computer interface. Right now it’s just for an author to work locally, and sync to this site to publish content. The ultimate goal is not to be restricted to a single author or a single site of course, but to be more generally purposed.

For the moment, I’m the only one who writes here. As the tool matures, others might come to the site. We’ll see how it goes.

PS: If you had Wiki pages on this site before and would like a backup copy, please email me.